Global Pecunia aims to create a safe space where professionals and business owners discover why they do what they do with Money.

We raise awareness of the extent of the taboo Money truly is, by collaborating with event managers, brokers and accountants who are looking to organise presentations, speaking engagements and workshops around Money and its behavioral dimension.

We also deliver more specific and focused services, where we discuss individual circumstances in a non judgemental and private way such as :

Pecunia Conversation

Money influences every aspect of our lives. Still, it is one the biggest taboos in the world.

Attending "Pecunia Conversations" will allow you to start talking about Money and financial related behaviours in a non-judgmental environment. We run free Pecunia conversations online and offline to raise awareness about the extent of the issue Money truly is.

Here is an example of what we talk about in Pecunia Conversation

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Pecunia Personal Discovery

Most of the patterns and behaviours which lead us to the situation we are currently in, are very often deeply unconscious and go back to our childhood.

"Pecunia Personal Discovery" is a powerful step by step process which allows you to :

  • discover where your money related behaviours and emotions are coming from
  • identify the ones which you may need or want to change
  • take the first small but significant steps on the journey towards an improved situation

Pecunia Personal Discovery is a 4 sessions long program (typically a 1h session per week over 4 weeks) delivered through video-conference from the comfort of your home.

Here is what Oguz has to say about it :

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Pecunia Personal Journey

Awareness needs to be followed through with action for a permanent change to happen.

After learning how we are "hardwired" around money, some of us appreciate to receive a clear roadmap and ongoing support on the journey towards an improved relationship with money.

Pecunia Personal Journey 

  • helps defining an action plan taking into consideration the spiritual, behavioural and practical dimensions of money
  • supports the implementation of new strategies
  • provides the value of an "accountability partner" and access to a network of experts

Unlike Pecunia Personal Discovery which is a step by step process, Pecunia Personal Journey is completely tailored around your needs.

It is delivered through video-conference from the comfort of your home, and runs for as long as it is needed, once a week (for better results) or every 2 weeks (if it is more feasible) for an hour.

Here is what Rikard has to say about it :

"My name is Rikard and I run Svensk MC rental , a Swedish motorcycle rental company.

At one stage, I found myself under financial pressure because I was broken by an accident, and needed support to prioritize the recovery steps.

Before contacting Chris, I thought that the future looked bad.

Chris helped me through different approaches and wanted to find out what behaviours I could change to get out of this situation. By working with him I discovered that the "martyr" in me was pushing me to suffer a lot more than necessary. By asking friends to help, and set the frames, I suffered less.

By following his process, we reduced the influence of the "martyr archetype" and took the first steps to develop healthier and less painful habits.

It has certainly not been easy all the time but I felt we worked in a safe and non-judgmental environment. Cashflow problems was solved without going into debt.

Feel free to contact me if you want to know more about it."


Pecunia Business Funding

Even though you may intuitively prioritise profitability over everything else in your business, poor cashflow management is the main factor for business failures and should therefore be treated as "priority 1"

Our consultants have over 10 years of experience in the field of Credit Management and SME funding, with a focus on cash flow management.

Pecunia Business Funding allows business owners :

  • to understand what drives their behaviours when a cashflow crisis hits ... and change it if it does not serve the business
  • to tap into a network of experts in the various fields of finance
  • last but not least .... Get access to short term finance

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