About Us

picture profile I am Chris Lascor, Certified Money Coach (CMC)® and founder of Global Pecunia.

I use my 15 years experience in various fields of Finance, my extensive network and the knowledge gained from the Money Coaching Institute, to help professionals and business owners like you, understand why you really do what they do with money.


  • Are your personal finances chaotic and frustrating?
  • Do you regularly argue about money with your family or colleagues?
  • Do you think that, with the salary you earn, you should have a more comfortable life?

If you answered YES to some of these questions, believe me ... I see you, and I know how you feel!

You feel like somehow ...

Money controls YOU and your life,

instead of YOU controlling your Money

Money is a very emotional topic and I bet that if I asked you right now to associate the concept of Money with a few words, emotions or  expressions, you probably would use many words with a "negative energy" or "negative connotation".


The men and women who approach us know that they are good at what they do, and for some reason, they have all voiced the same concerns:

  • "As soon as I have some money I feel the need to spend it"
  • "Every time we talk about money at home, we end up fighting"
  • "I am scared of opening bank statements/bills"
  • ...

Even though these men and women are great, educated and look successful, they could have a much better life ... if only they knew where to start!

This is where Global Pecunia kicks in!

As the saying goes : "if you can't name it you can't tame it".  

We create a safe space for you to talk about Money and the emotions linked with it. You can relax in knowing you are taken care of in a supportive, positive and non-judgmental way.

By doing so and following a step by step process, we make it easier for you to discover why you truly do what you do with Money.


When you work with us, you can expect a sense of relief because after you have discovered the root of your challenging relationship with money you are much better equipped to deal with it, and change it

You can also expect to discover and learn a lot about yourself along the way.


If you are ready to transform your relationship with Money we will create the safe space to do so!

Start by taking our Money quiz or contact us!