Welcome to Global Pecunia, the safe space to mind your Money.


Do you sometimes come home, wondering why you bought another book or another suit?

Do you usually feel like people around you seem to be doing better than you financially?

Do you regularly argue about money with your partner or friends?

Do you feel bad about earning more than your friends or your parents, or inheriting Money you did not work for?


If you are still reading, chances are the answer to at least one of these question was YES!


Let us face it : Money has the power to trigger stress, joy, anger, generosity, envy, motivation, guilt ... and many more feelings and emotions!

It is hard not to let these emotions completely take you over, especially when you do not know where they come from.


But guess what? You are far from being the one! And here is why  ...



In order to change habits, we must first of all know where they come from.

This is why we help professionals and business owners just like you to discover the root of their financial behaviours, and to take steps towards a wiser, more confident, and more powerful relationship with Money.

To do so, we integrate the best of what is known about the "Mind and Money" from fields such as Economics, Neuroscience, Behavioral Finance, and Psychology. We avoid jargon and aim to keep it as simple as possible to create the safe space you need to mind your Money.


Do you feel like changing something in your relationship with Money?  Start by taking our Money quiz : You will learn what is driving your behaviour!